Jewelry Case Display

Jewelry Case Display

Carrying your jewellery is a unique manner and having it all ready to be shown without a hassle is the aim when you are travelling.

There are different display and cases to pick from.

The secret is to find what works for you, and that depends on your aim.

Jewelry Case Display in 2020

Many of these carrying cases hold a standard jewellery size try with inserts.

So if you are capable of putting your jewellery inside a try, you can stack these trays perfectly and securely within the case.

The case strongly holds the tray, so there is no wobbling.

These cases in different sizes but some can hold up to 24 one inch trays.

These cases are accessible in strong aluminium and also in soft fold downs which are best for the saving area.

For more durability pick the aluminium, it will save your jewellery more, and the rollers are a better standard, plus most of these have a fold-down handle which is extra ease.

Jewelry Case Display
Jewelry Case Display

Another technique of carrying your jewellery is a jewellery attache case.

This is a successful way to carry your jewellery and display it all in a single step. Open the case and your pads, trays and snaps are there. Instant setup.

To stop theft ensure these have a mixture lock.

Using jewellery folders and rolls are also the best way to keep your jewellery secure, stop damage.

Rolls and folders are accessible in a mixture or individual pieces such as just for earnings or just for rings.

These are simple to carry and simple to display in unzip the folder or unroll the roll, and your jewellery is ready to be sold.

Ensure there are protector pads in the folder.

Jewelry Display Box


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